Drinks for the train

My 30 year high school class reunion is this weekend! I’m getting on the train tonight, then renting a car tomorrow and driving to my hometown. I had a happy time in high school and am looking forward to seeing these people who were so important in my life once upon a time…

I’m not worried about the alcohol at the reunion — I didn’t drink in high school and neither did my friends, so, fortunately, I’m not stepping back into a difficult scene in that regard. (Plus, if it’s anything like last time, the “beer” will consist of that pointless cheap awful crap.)

Where I do have a history of drinking beer, though, is on trains. They feel so secluded. And vacation-like. I’m not overly concerned about the train even (I’ve been on lots of trains this year without drinking), but I am nonetheless very pleased with what I have packed — a bottle of fresh-made fizzy water (I just bought a Sodastream!) and some thick mango juice. Gonna have myself a nice little mangocktail tonight zipping across the prairie….


6 thoughts on “Drinks for the train

  1. You’ll love the SodaStream! So many great syrups and shrubs you can make to mix into sodas. And no more heavy soda bottles in your grocery bag (took me about six months to figure out there had to be a better way).


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