September 8

Well. Hi!

I thought I would pop back over here to say that I … still exist. Am happy and plugging along. Have so much to babble on about self-medication, peace and pure consciousness (experience of and reading about, depending on what hour of what day), steadiness and distraction, holding firm in the face of strong, loud, uncomfortable emotions so as to eventually melt them out of me. But not today.

Life is good; I continue to be way too busy with work for my best sanity. Though it’s good work and I either enjoy or really enjoy all of it. But there’s too much going on and I want to slow down, and I’m trying hard to not fill my schedule very full this fall so that I can work on our house that’s still going up. I want to write about how brilliant and life-saving the book Untethered Soul is, how it gets to the core of what I think life and our experience of ourselves is all about. I want to nail floor boards and install hand-made tiles from the “seconds” pile in the shower stall and hang cabinets.

I think of this blog space and I miss it, and I miss you guys. Will be back in a few weeks with more. (Maybe sooner, if life presents me with an unexpected little window of time and orderly (enough) thoughts…)

peace to all of you!


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