Staying safe and sane on new years eve

Happy new year…

I’ve been thinking today about folks for whom the whole alcohol thing is in a really difficult phase, and I thought I would type out a few thoughts about surfing through this tricky time.

First and foremost, be fiercely faithful to yourself. Continue reading

“Will never share a glass of wine again…”

One idea I hear often from people either currently abstaining from alcohol or contemplating it is the concern or disbelief or pre-grief that they might not be able to “share a glass of wine” with friends ever again. In (what’s the opposite of retrospect?), it can be big roadblock.

While I certainly can relate to hesitations concerning specific social situations that were hard to imagine without wine Continue reading


I’m back. Nice to see you all again. Thank you to the person who recently started following my blog — it was the nudge I needed to start typing again.

To bring you up to date. I for some reason started having the occasional glass of wine or beer last June. I had no interest in moderation, and still have no interest in moderation. I think it’s a lousy idea and am not sure why I stopped not drinking. Sometimes I wonder if it was because I stopped not eating sugar. In any case, I got lazy.

Fortunately, alcohol kind of makes me sick now. Even a drink or two. I think that’s Continue reading