Peaceful Friday

I feel really happy these days about my alcohol-free Fridays. Such a nicer way to live. I am sure the occasional twisted craving will strike at random times on future days (maybe even tomorrow), but for now all is quiet and calm.

Happy Friday, everyone.


What’s your favorite squirrelly-behavior-in-retrospect before you quit drinking?

In the couple of years leading up to my walk away from alcohol, one thing that repeatedly pinged my little brain was reading sober bloggers’ reflections on things they watched themselves do that signaled “there’s a problem here!” I apparently thought I was the only one who carefully rotated liquor stores so that the nice young innocent men who sold me my craft beer wouldn’t suspect I had a drinking problem, or carefully thinned or buried the bottles in the recycling bin if anyone might be coming over. I especially liked the pings that made me laugh. Continue reading