Back at the Keyboard

Well, hi! May, I see, was the last time I typed here. I’ve missed this place.

The last six months have been filled with work, as usual, the ever ebbing and flowing of a freelance life, and … construction! Just as our actual house was nearing completion, I started building a workshop. A place for tools and building, woodworking and stained glass tools for now and who knows what new tools in the future. It’s 450 feet over a little hill from the house. Back behind the bees.  Five friends came in July for three days to frame it up and put the roof structure on, and I’ve spent untold hours since then — blissfully — finishing the framing, sheathing, housewrapping, and windows. It’s been a lot of literal hours, but also quite the psychological magnet. I’m finding it hard to concentrate in other areas of life, although the arrival of true colder temps now is driving me back to the house. Highs in the 30s do a good job of deterring work in an uninsulated, even with the wood stove fired up.

I think about this absorbingpeace place and often often read other sobriety blogs out there, and I want to keep talking about alcohol. It is a dance right now — no, dance is too cheery a word. Hockey game? I don’t know; I don’t watch hockey. We’ll call it a hockey game. I hear that those can be suspenseful (or boring) and that people get hit upside the head with hockey sticks sometimes.

I’m at day 32 today. I love stepping over that one-month mark. Since May it’s been up and down, counting and getting fed up with myself and stopping counting, longish spans without drinking and a sort of familiar 7 or 10 days then boom schedule. An increasing understanding of my triggers. A decision not to beat myself up when I drink, alongside the 1000% certainty that zero alcohol is best for me.

There’s stuff I want to explore here out loud, like sugar, triggers, social atmospheres with the endless tilting toward wine-as-solution. (Sheesh, everybody knows that beer is the solution.) Soon.

Thank you to all of you bloggers and commenters for making such a rich community for quitting alcohol. It’s getting so much easier for anyone to cobble together the voices and resources and tools for support in doing the beautiful and healthy and surprising work of living life clear-headed.

Have a good one!


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