Cravings as U turn

I’m formulating a new image of those cravey afternoons. I’ve actually had almost none this time around (day 50 today!), for which I’m grateful. But yesterday was a bit of something, as I’m out of town at a workshop — and often the tired end of those days, often finding me in an unfamiliar place with too much noise and commotion, is a cravey and/or drinking experience. Yesterday I felt a bit jostled (and had some sugar/chocolate, which is NOT a smart thing for me, in general and cravings-wise), but had this sense of afternoon cravings not as a threat of momentum casting me off an “oh, fuck it” cliff and into alcohol but rather a phase or place or room that I enter and flail around in (or sit there resentfully) and then it melts. And I go away. And I’m fine.

And, especially, I wake up the next morning and aaaahhhhhhh.

Especially if I’m camping and wake to the song of a singular morning [sic] dove crooning to sober happy old me.

Have a good Sunday.



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