Well, hi there

Gonna have to spiffy things up around here. Maybe a new banner. Something botanical. Maybe a new font, too. Different but not too fancy.

Keep the serif or lose the serif?

Been awhile! Eh?!!?

Er, yeah.

Looking back at this I see that I quit writing last June, just after day 365. I got mad at Days soon thereafter because I had a drink. Tried to ignore the one and then a few weeks later had another. It started snowballing slowly and bizarrely after that, which I want tell you about, and became a couple of months of more drinking. Uck.

True to form, drinking is an elevator that only goes down. And it does not stop on every floor. But I got off the elevator again and am now on [checks watch] day 136. I think this makes this my fourth major quit, starting in 2015. I see no reason to keep switching back and forth, but wolfie is sly, but I am aware that I have seen a lot of his bullshit and have some smarts around those fucking first drinks after a long time away (FFDALTA). And I have some things to say about the use of alcohol to avoid oneself and to avoid one’s people. (E.g., the supposedly romantic idea of “sharing a glass of wine,” and the distress among some alcohol-quitters at “never being able to” do this again, have become unintelligible to me. The only thing “shared” is the table between the people, who glass by glass put up a barrier to one another and snuggle into their individual haze.)

But I’ve been thinking for weeks about coming back and typing. So, hi!

I want to thank the people who came along and “liked” a past post during the past several months. Having those little pops of light was really nice. It meant a lot and it tugged at me to come back here.

I hope you’re well and drinking beautiful non-damaging beverages and sleeping long and deeply and waking grateful for a clear mind, to face your day whatever it contains. Tell me what’s up 🙂




4 thoughts on “Well, hi there

  1. Hi Adrian!
    I love this line, “The only thing “shared” is the table between the people, who glass by glass put up a barrier to one another and snuggle into their individual haze.”
    It’s so true. The more I drank the more into myself I got.
    SO nice to hear from you!!
    I just love you.

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  2. Trail Buddy! #IATW! I’m still on the sober path. Most days it’s easy, some days have twinges of romancing the idea of drinking, maybe that never goes away? Good to see your post here!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Trail Buddy!! So glad you’re still out here and still sober! Been wondering how you are. I’m sad not to be your trail buddy, officially, anymore. But maybe we can just say you lapped me. 🙂 As for the twinges, I think it’s safe to assume they’re here for good, lest anyone get complacent. Not that I would know anything about that.


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