My name is Adrian, and I’m a writer in my forties early fifties living in Minnesota and Iowa. After using alcohol to numb and/or jumble my stressors for nine long years, I finally got a foothold in 2015 with which to try to steady myself in a life without this drug.

I used the sobriety blogosphere for several months before really trying to quit alcohol to give me insights and strength and to help blast holes in my excuses. Now I’d like to contribute (and to lean on you all in a different way). For many years I’ve been well aware that my drinking was just a by-product of some misaligned gears inside myself, so the fact that quitting drinking is bringing layers and layers of reactions inside my head (and body) is of no surprise.

But I’m doing this all alone, and so am looking to cyberspace for a place to talk it through. Your thoughts are welcome!

adriansbees at gmail dotcom

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  1. Writing I find is a great way to figure things out, work out the bugs, and vent. My vice has always been eating inappropriately. Unfortunately, I can’t quite food altogether or I’d die – but sometimes I wish I could. Avoid food altogether, that is. Thanks for visiting my little blog.


    • Hey, thanks so much for leaving this note. I haven’t written here in a long time, but am getting closer to picking it back up. I realized I formed an identity here that got broken when I failed to stay sober for longer than several months. I want to come back writing from a different place (now at a new 74 days sober). (I also self-medicated with food intensely in my 20s and still do occasionally, much less intensely, with sugar, now. In the worst of times I definitely looked upon people with vices they could walk away from completely as lucky. Though now, knowing alcohol, I don’t see it quite that way anymore 🙂 )

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      • Bravo on 74 days sober. After having a rough time in my younger years, looking back I now understand that my later teen years and twenties were years of acting out in all sorts of ways, but the only thing that seemed to stick was over-eating. Doing a hypnotherapy session, I was able to see that food saved me, and it started before I was 2 years old. Yes, do write again when you feel the spark.


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