Well, hi there

Gonna have to spiffy things up around here. Maybe a new banner. Something botanical. Maybe a new font, too. Different but not too fancy.

Keep the serif or lose the serif?

Been awhile! Eh?!!?

Er, yeah.

Looking back at this I see that I quit writing last June, just after day 365. Continue reading

In search of peace inside my own head

I got on a plane yesterday, and sitting in my row were two kids — in the 6/7-year-old range. I looked around for their adult and spotted a man across the aisle getting a couple of slightly older kids settled in their seats. Must be him. He seemed inattentive to these guys, though. I tried to catch his eye, and nothin’.

I asked the kids who they were with and they gleefully informed me that they were unaccompanied minors!!. Shit. The flight attendants were so happy to have a “mom figure” Continue reading

Why the secrecy?

I’ve been thinking lately about why I am so attached to secrecy with regard both to my drinking and my quitting drinking. I was also highly secretive with some pretty serious binge eating in my early twenties. The answer isn’t obvious. When I try to peer in there, it’s muffled and fuzzy.

The obvious answer is shame. But I don’t really feel shame. To me, Continue reading