The health benefits of alcohol

In case you missed the news, the safe amount of alcohol ingestion is — none. Zero is the quantity that brings no health risks, and the risks start rising immediately thereafter. Read about it here, here, and here. It’s long been known what was wrong with those studies that appeared to show that moderate drinking was healthiest (they didn’t control for the reasons nondrinkers were drinking; lots of those reasons were likely causes of the nondrinking and were (or were related to) poor health of various kinds), but that analysis didn’t, shall we say, get a lot of media coverage.

Now, if you use scientific studies to rationalize drinking habits that you’re worried about (raising my hand here), you’re out of luck now. (If you want more description of your brain and body with alcohol finding its way into the nooks and crannies, Alcohol Explained by William Porter is an awesome read.) Very very fortunately out of luck.

Alcohol is disgusting and it wreaks havoc on your magical, highly evolved human body and mind. Rather than being a yummy, red, pink, amber, “dark,” whimsically/sexily/sarcastically/classily labeled cheery social beverage, it’s a foul-smelling, foul-tasting toxin that ruins relationships — in the moment and long term. Don’t let the other flavors it’s mixed with fool you. I use little bottles of dead drowned ticks to remind myself of what alcohol really is. If you don’t have easy access to ticks, find the method/image that works for you. Lots of bugs can be drowned in alcohol. Joking! Sort of. (As an insect-lover and beekeeper, I ask that you please drown bugs in moderation.)

Wherever you are on your path to a better relationship with alcohol, I wish you a peaceful weekend. Keep on going… questioning, wondering, writing, reading, drinking good things.

Day 77.



3 thoughts on “The health benefits of alcohol

  1. I saw the article.
    And I am not supposed that the trace amounts of round up found in breakfast cereal got more concern than the health impacts of alcohol.

    People just love their booze. Our society is screwed up.

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  2. I’m pretty worried about the direction this is all heading, too. More drugs are becoming available/legal, just as we enter a new period of upheaval (climate, political) that stresses us out more and more and more.

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