July 19

That would be today, a day when I don’t have much in the way of creative post titles….  Things are so hectic (though probably differently hectic compared to 40-somethings’ traditional hecticness). I think I mentioned this a little while ago, but have so much work right now, and the house is going up (all framing is done and trusses are up; I will be involved more when the two solar systems (PV and solar air) are going in (because I have a pretty good understanding of them) and when the rainwater system is going in (where I’ll be punting!)), and my bees are needing more boxes now (I had a lull in box/frame-building till now cuz they were growing into some of last year’s equipment), and I have more than one trip per month now through November (woodworking, work, funeral, work, dancing, work). (That’s a funny list, now that I look at it.)

I want to stay present here, too, though, so that may mean Continue reading

Drinks for the train

My 30 year high school class reunion is this weekend! I’m getting on the train tonight, then renting a car tomorrow and driving to my hometown. I had a happy time in high school and am looking forward to seeing these people who were so important in my life once upon a time…

I’m not worried about the alcohol at the reunion — I didn’t drink in high school and neither did my friends, so, fortunately, I’m not stepping back into a difficult scene in that regard. (Plus, if it’s anything like last time, the “beer” will consist of that pointless cheap awful crap.)

Where I do have a history of drinking beer, though, is on trains. Continue reading

A new normal

I didn’t mean to let so much time go by without typing here. Things are so busy. Work is firing up (two new clients that I’m very happy about), my partner and I are building a house (someone else is building it, that is), I’m blogging about the house, and I have work travel, personal travel, my other house that I at least need to keep from being engulfed by weeds (I live in two places about 7 hours apart). Ahhh. It’s all great stuff, and I need to simply be thankful for all of it. But I often feel overwhelmed.

But, I’m back. And I have some adventures to describe. Continue reading